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September 12, 2017

The Actual Process to Blacktop Driveway Installation

morris county NJ asphalt driveways

What does blacktop mean?

The word Blacktop and asphalt are typically used synonymously. Asphalt and blacktop are mostly used when referring to the substances that are used for finishing roads and driveway installations, but most people considers asphalt and blacktop as the same thing. These two materials are mostly identical, however blacktop is used for residential driveways while asphalt is commonly and mostly used for commercial purpose like roads, racetracks and parking lots.


Process to blacktop driveway installation:

Listed below are the actual process to blacktop driveway installation.

  • Step1:

Clean your driveway thoroughly with a very high-powered hose.

  • Step2:

Allow the driveway dry thoroughly if wet.

  • Step3:

Fill any cracks if there is any.

  • Step4:

Clean the driveway by sweeping the driveway clear of any debris or fallen leaves.

  • Step5:

Apply the sealer. Pour the sealer on the top of the driveway. Use a brush applicator to spread a thinly, and even coat of sealer across the surface in an arc motion. Walk down the driveway, spread the sealer across the driveway installation. Take an extra care with the point where you have filled in the cracks (if there is any) to a smooth surface.


  • Step 6

Block off the driveway, when finished, allowing it to dry for 24 hours.


Then you are good to go………………


Why is Cannon Driveway and Patios the best choice for blacktop driveway installation?


  • Most experienced paving contractor.
  • Over 30 years combined experience
  • Delivering professional residential and commercial services.
  • Affordable service price.
  • Exceptional customer service


As a leading paving contractor in Morris County New Jersey, we are here to make blacktop paving installation quick, simple and clear. We understand the fact that the Blacktop Paving industry and process is a new concept, and it is unknown to most people. So, our commitment to give you all of the information you will need in order to understand the process and make the correct and right decision.






September 12, 2017

Why paver driveways are so stylish?

There is much more to concrete shapes like bricks which is one of the feature of paver driveway that attracts the eye. The fact is that the paver’s acts as malleable fabric, it can move with the earth, and it is not prone to cracking. Pavers gives a valuable design tractability and aesthetical impact as well. Pavers are of a wide variety of materials which includes concrete, clay brick, cobblestone or natural stones. Pavers can be laid in different patterns only limited the contracted architect or designer’s creativity. Pavers are always in variety of different colors, patterns, styles, and finishes nowadays today, permitting a homeowner to own a driveway that is equally unique and well blended with the architectural aesthetic style of their home. There’s a broad collection of concrete pavers that are suitable for your driveways, ranging in style from traditional to modern. Pavers driveway and be installed alongside designs that are intriguingly fascinating in a stylish way with different color and concepts. The good news is that, nobody does it better than Cannon Driveway and Patios. We do it better than the best.


How paver driveways have more lifespan over asphalt driveways?

Many homeowners are challenged with the decision of whether to use concrete pavers or traditional asphalt for their driveways. While the aesthetic charm of the concrete pavers’ outmaneuvered asphalt.


These are other how paver driveways have more lifespan over asphalt driveways:

  • Durability of Driveway Pavers:

Most people feels that asphalt is the perfect material driveway with long life span, it only provides medium strength and often breaks down later from traffic and the heavy weight of vehicles or load over time. Pavers allows heavy traffic, loads and longer-lasting surface.


  • Flexibility of Driveway Pavers:

With the varying temperatures, most people are observes their asphalt driveways are cracking. It is due to lack of flexibility and the constant expansion and contraction, which occurs whenever temperature rises or falls. While the flexibility that the installation method of pavers provides, gives the pavers the ability to adjust with the freeze/thaw shift, and virtually eradicating cracking.



Why Cannon Driveway and Patios is the best choice for pavers driveway installation.


Paver Driveway is a beautiful addition to any home. Cannon Driveway and Patios offers a broad variety of different colors and patterns that can be chosen when proposing your pavers driveway, allowing the driveway to have a unique and one-of a kind driveway. Contact us, and you will get the best of the best service ever

September 12, 2017

The Reasons Why Choosing A Professional Driveway Paving Company Will Lead To A Long-Lasting Driveway

morris county asphalt driveway

The Reasons Why Choosing A Professional Driveway Paving Company Will Lead To A Long-Lasting Driveway.


Hiring a professional driveway paving contractor may not look like a necessary expenditure when installing a driveway. You might think that you’ will save a lot of money by doing the driveway paving all by yourself. How hard could that be? You have gone through different online tutorials, watched dozens of YouTube videos and you are so confident in your abilities, even if you are the world’s finest handyman, there are some things and jobs that are better left to professionals in such field.


The followings are five reasons why choosing a professional driveway paving company leads to a long-lasting driveway:


  • Professionals Deliver Better Results:

Professional driveway paving companies don’t cut corners. They are systematic in their preparation, making sure you are having a proper drainage system and installing a stable sub-base if needed before installing paving. This devotion to specifications ensures that you are left with an even and durable long-lasting driveway.


  • No anxiety:

The leading reason behind customer dissatisfaction is poor communication of contractor. Firstly, a professional contractor will learn all about, your budget, objective and your concerns, and they will provide you with several solution choices. You will even get written project specification in a detailed proposal which pronounces what permits are required, if there is any, and your step by step process which includes base preparations, installation and care & maintenance to make your drive way long lasting and at the end of each workday you will be debriefed of what job was accomplished, what is the current status and in case of an emergency you will be able to reach the manager any time.


  • Solid foundation

When it comes to installing driveways, the laying process must be competed correctly, the first time. And with years of experience, a professional will do this with both eyes closed there will be no reason to worry about that. Literally talking about the ground itself, the prevalent secret to having a long lasting driveway is a solid base. Starting this process with shovels may begin with fun, later after a while then it becomes a strenuous and an uninteresting process. Including, the activity of to get the correct depth, levels and falls to be accountable for water drainage which is very crucial and it is only the professionals are experienced cases like this.


  • Making hard decisions:

You may have a target on a specific material, whereas your driveway site is not suitable for it, and the only option is another material specifically, and these are types of hard decisions you will have to face with when it comes to the cases laying your own paving driveway. Making the wrong decision can lead to issues or problems. Selecting the material that is not suitable for your paving site may lead to difficulties in the future and it is only a professional can offer expert advice.


Why you should choose Cannon Driveway and Patios as your professional paving driveway contractor:

  • Experienced paving contractor in Morris County New Jersey’s.
  • The owner-operators have over 30 years combined experience
  • Delivering professional residential and commercial paving.
  • Professional work with a reasonable price.
  • 100% customer satisfactory service


  • Quality paving driveway work
  • Stylish Design of any concept.
  • Long-lasting paving driveway.
September 6, 2017

Driveway Paving Cost

Driveway Paving Cost

When you are searching for the most affordable driveway paving solution in Morris County New Jersey, please consider Cannon Driveway and Patios! Our Affordable Driveway Paving services are done with utmost care to create an affordable, yet still quality product. We are an owner operated company with generations of paving and masonry experience. Paver driveways add value to your home, value that will not vanish in time. Feel free to contact us for a free on-site estimate and we’ll discuss your paver driveway, patio or walkway options.

If anyone can, Cannon can!