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Glen Ridge New Jersey Driveway, Patio  And Walkway Contractor

Increase the value of your Glen Ridge, NJ home, and it's curb appeal with professional Asphalt and Paver installation services from a company you can trust!!

glen ridge nj driveway installation

Professionally Installed Blacktop Driveways

  • Improve the look and entrance to your home
  • Keep the interior of your home cleaner
  • Can last 20-25 years!

There are many steps involved in driveway, patio and walkway installations! Some contractors take shortcuts, WE DON'T!

Don't be sorry you chose the wrong company!

Great Driveways, Patios and Walkways require the services of a Great Contractor!

When it comes to doing the best work possible, there is no substitute for experience!

For over three decades, Cannon Driveway and Patios have served as the premier driveway, patio and walkway contractor in Glen Ridge, NJ. We've developed a wealth of experience, vast industry knowledge, and always deliver quality work. This helps us to be successful serving Glen Ridge and the surrounding towns.  

Whether it is installation, repair, or maintenance, at Cannon Driveway and Patios, we offer a wide variety of both commercial and residential paving, asphalt, and paver installation services for everyone. From quick driveway paver installs to durable and long-lasting jobs asphalt driveways, we strive to completely eliminate the hassles often associated with paver and patio services.

Thanks to our team of exceptional paving experts, you are guaranteed premium quality in and around the New Jersey area (Somerset County New Jersey, Morris County, Essex County, et al). Our patio installation, driveway pavers, paver walkways, brick walkways, patio pavers and other residential services are completed to 100% customer satisfaction!

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You have many options when it comes to creating the layout of your driveway!

glen ridge nj paver driveway

At Cannon Driveway Patios, we understand the properties of bricks, stone, asphalt and other materials. This is why we have the right experience for executing excellent paving work which we're sure you would recommend us for!

Our professional contractor installations include asphalt driveways, patio blocks, interlocking paver driveways, cobblestone edging, paver walkways, and more.

Our eye for quality and installation perfection has solidified our place as the most respected residential and commercial paver contractor in your area. Let us prove our passion in stone and asphalt work to you! 

Great patio, driveway, and brick walkway contractors are hard to come by these days. But with Cannon Driveway and Patios, completing high-quality work has always been our driving force. And we are driven to be the best at what we do.

We can help with beautiful stone design ideas, paver installations, and we offer free estimates on new work! Cannon Driveway and Patios are also committed to responsible paving- residential or otherwise, we tidy up our work areas and leave them clean after completing each task in and around Somerset County, Morris County, Union County, Essex County and surrounding towns and areas. 

This project is a big investment! We want to make sure you get the options and style of driveway, patio or walkway you desire!

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Our schedule is getting busy for the summer and we want to make sure we can get to you quickly!

For Durability and Functionality Think Asphalt and Paver Driveways, Walkways and Patios!

When it comes to prices for professional paving services, getting durability and great design at an affordable price is what we are all about! Let us provide a free estimate on an asphalt driveway, paver driveway or other project. 

A well-installed asphalt or paver driveway can last a decade or even longer thereby saving you on paving costs. And asphalt and paver driveways emphasize the beauty of your home, longevity is a great bonus. You need a driveway that serves all its purpose. A paver or asphalt driveway ticks all the boxes.

We guarantee our asphalt paving services. We guarantee to provide top quality functionality, durability, and aesthetics at affordable prices. We are the most experienced paving contractor in Glen Ridge New Jersey and we assure you industry best asphalt and paving installation services.

We have the most experience and best machinery to deliver the most beautiful results you want!

We understand that driveways, patios and walkways affect first impressions of visitors to your home. It is what people see before they enter your property. Only the best paved driveway, paver patio or walkway can make your home look incredibly nice.

To enhance and retain a beautiful outdoor setting on your property, your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks must be in perfect condition. This longevity is created with a perfect installation of your asphalt paving, patio, and walkway

If there are cracks in your driveway, it may be time to consider new blacktop, pavers or driveway repair. You may want to replace the entire driveway, or create a new driveway with walkway combined. This design and install requires professional expertise though.

Cannon Driveway Patios specializes in curb appeal improvements for our commercial and residential paving service customers in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. We have been around for 30 years now and are only getting stronger. We have seen major changes in the industry. We keep current on industry innovations to continually improve our work. We continually set the bar high for ourselves and other paving contractors. 

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Our schedule is getting busy for the summer and we want to make sure we can get to you quickly!

We are Owner Operated!

Our company is owner-operated! What does this mean? This means there isn't a single driveway that doesn't get the owners approval! With generations of experience behind him, he demands excellence in every project, big or small!

The benefit of having an owner-operated company is that we never sub-contract our work! You will not sign an agreement for work performed by us, and then another company shows up to perform the work. This tactic is unacceptable, yet many driveway contractors engage in it! NOT US!

An owner operated company is proven to work faster (no slacking on the job), work more efficiently (no excess waste in material) and also will work to 100% satisfaction from the client!

Our owner also understands that to perform great work, you need the proper tools! This is the reason we've invested in professional equipment made for providing long lasting products. Many companies try to save money by using sub-standard equipment, NOT US!

We are constantly upgrading our machinery so we can deliver the most beautiful asphalt driveways faster and they will last longer than all of our competitors. We have many satisfied clients, and this is due to our driveways looking great for many years to come!

You will see the difference when you meet with us to discuss your next asphalt project, we're sure of it!

glen ridge nj paver patio contractor
  • Free Estimates - Have our owner come to your home and discuss the best options at no cost!
  • Let's work together - Tell us your ideas and we'll tell you ours! With our experience and your vision we can create a beautiful entry to your property
  • 100% Satisfaction - That is our goal. When we're finished with your project, you will be more than happy to share that we've made you happy, both on the price and in the quality!

Don't take our word for it!

We pride ourselves on the many positive comments we receive from our clients! Word of mouth is the best advertising, and we get plenty of referrals from our previous clients!

These are your neighbors, complimenting our work!

Cannon Driveway and Patio did an amazing job paving my driveway. They are professional, timely and trustworthy people . Can't beat the quality and price!!! I highly recommend them !!!!

glen ridge nj residential paving customer

Jennifer Vuocolo

Glen Ridge, NJ

Cannon Driveways & Patios did a tremendous job in rebuilding us a new patio, stairway, and walkway! The final product could not have been as great a job as is without some of the recommendations and suggestions given to us before the work began! A great company led by a great staff!!!

glen ridge nj commercial paving customer

James Kish

Glen Ridge, NJ

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Our schedule is getting busy for the summer and we want to make sure we can get to you quickly!

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We are so happy that you are considering us for your asphalt driveway, paver patio or walkway project! We have discussed the many options you have as well as why we feel we are the BEST IN THE AREA! But we want to add just a bit more value to our offer!

By simply mentioning our website, you will get 10% off any work performed that is over $2000! Yes, you read that correct! We are so confident that you will refer our fantastic services, we will shave some profit off so you can lead us to our next satisfied customer!

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As the owner operator of my company, I will not rest until you give me your 100% satisfaction review. I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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Driveway, Patio and Walkway Experts

At Cannon Driveway & Patios, we ensure your home as well as your safety and the quality of our work during and upon completion of our paving project. Safety is a great benefit to updating your walkway, patio or driveway. A damaged driveway can be a dangerous problem for visitors. It can also be a problem because a damaged structure can hurt the curb appeal of the property. If you're selling your home, potential buyers will only offer low bids as they know they have work to do on the property. Remember that your driveway is the first thing potential buyers and people will see about your property.

The housing market is quite competitive. If your considering selling, you want top dollar for your property. So enhance its value. Cannon Driveway & Patios can help you with that with the help of our seasoned paving professionals. We have a balanced compromise of cost, aesthetics, and functionality. Our materials are ethically sourced and our equipment is state of the art.

We do not ask for a deposit or any upfront payments, so you can be assured that the finished product will be completed to the highest of standards. We look forward to helping you with your next paving project.

Summer is just about here, and we would love to be able to get to your project this season! Please don't delay!